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Photo cutout & popout trophies/awards!

Extremely personalized!

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photo cutout with graphics
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Fun Fotos
is your source for super customized photo sculpture trophies & awards. We can place each individual athlete on a base as a photo cut out and/or the whole team. Or, combine a cutout with a popout for a one-of-a-kind photo sculpture trophy. Add graphics that note the team or school name, season record, championship, or tourney.

Created with 1/4" durable acrylic, these photo sculpture trophies will last for years to come. A great way to record not only the event or sport but also the athlete's appearance while competing. A photo sculpture award is NOT the average trophy. It's extraordinary!

And they're 3-dimensional! How cool is that?! Variety of sizes and options available. Special team rates apply.

Photo cut out trophies can be used to say "thanks" or "good job" in non-sports related fields too. Use for band, 4-H, club and organization awards of achievement and appreciation.
photo cutout trophy sports photo cutouts trophy

"Triumph is just try with a little umph added."    -unknown-

sports popout                photo sculpture trophy                photo sculpture award

"I'm so thrilled! Oh my gosh!
The cutouts are wonderful...beautifully done. Thank you,
very, very much. You do excellent work."

M.   Schulz
Downers Grove, Illinois

Quality Handcrafted             Satisfaction Guaranteed             Made In USA

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