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How to choose a photo sculpture creator.

The best photo sculptures...Material+Source+Price=Quality & Value

When shopping for photo sculptures you may see a variety of prices and options and wonder why. Some companies charge for some services, and others don't. Some companies offer a variety of items & options, some don't. Below is information you may find helpful as a guide in answering your questions.

The information below is in response to numerous inquiries we have received from prospective customers whom are confused about the various options associated with photo sculptures and various companies. We welcome competition as it ultimately benefits the consumer. This info is not intended as a competitive jab. This isn't about competition...but the consumer. Similar to comparing products in a grocery store, the details are provided so that consumers can make an "informed decision" and compare "apples to apples".

red tack MATERIAL: What is the sculpture made of?

Each photo sculpture company uses a primary material of either wood, masonite/gator board/foam board (pressed paper) or acrylic. At Fun Fotos the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. With that in mind, we only use high quality durable acrylic. Acrylic stands up to knock-overs, bumps, spills etc. It comes in a variety of colors and has a long-lasting shine. The nature of the material also allows for greater detail without splintering. Acrylic does not easily crack, chip or break. The same can not be said about the other materials. Wood and masonite can absorb spills, don't have a shine and, in general, are not "kid-friendly". Both can be damaged. Some of the materials are manufactured for less than acrylic, which is why the sculptures may be priced lower than others. But, you get what you pay for! For durability and longevity... acrylic is our choice and should be yours.

red_tackMATERIAL & FORMAT SPECIFICS: What is the thickness of the acrylic or material used? How are the cutouts or popouts completed pertaining to appearance?

These are reasons there may be a variation in price of sculptures when comparing companies. There are different thicknesses of acrylic used by various companies. Fun Fotos uses 1/4" acrylic in making photo sculptures and 1/8" acrylic for magnets, pins and ornaments. The lighter weight 1/8" acrylic wears better on clothing when used with pins...hangs better as an ornament on a tree...and attaches better as a magnet to metal such as refrigerator doors. Some companies use the lighter weight acrylic in making their cut outs and pop outs. For based "stand-up" cutouts and popouts we use 1/4" acrylic because we have found it to be more substantial and best for display purposes.

While the basics in creating photo statues are similar, how manufacturers "finish" the sculptures may vary. This is a subjective issue. It may affect the price and it may affect your expectations and satisfaction with your sculpture. For instance, some companies "sandwich" your photo between two pieces of acrylic, the front piece being transparent, exposing the photo's image. (This gives some consumers the false and misleading impression that the sculpture's surface is protected. Not recommended!) Most mount the photo to a single piece of acrylic and may or may not offer a method of protection. Some companies construct "popouts", where the background is included in the sculpture, differently. Some require two photos to achieve the 3-D "pop out" appearance. Others,only require one photo to achieve the same 3-D look. The final appearance is basically the same, just the process used to achieve the appearance is different. There is also a variety of bases used in photo sculptures. Some sculptures are mounted to the base. Other companies provide a base with a slot in which the sculptures can slide in and out. These issues may explain a price fluctuation when comparing the various companies. In some cases, these matters affect the final appearance so you should be aware of that as well so that your expectations are met.

Fun Fotos' process requires only one photo for "pop outs", though we prefer to use two photos of the same image. We mount the photo(s) to a single piece of acrylic. And we mount the sculptures to a base. Our edges are smooth. While we can create the sculptures in a variety of ways, through testing and experience, we have found our methods to be the best for customer satisfaction and quality. With our attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, our top priority is not to complete your sculpture the quickest or easiest way. We have found that our practices assure the most satisfied and pleased customers who prefer our attention to cost effectiveness and the most appealing appearance/display quality.


Fun Fotos' sculptures are indeed guaranteed. If you are not pleased with your sculpture, return it in its original condition for a re-do or refund (-return shipping) within 30 days.

Some photo sculpture makers state their policy concerning your satisfaction with their products, others don't. You may find it beneficial to inquire with the company that you are considering.

red tackADD-ON OR HIDDEN CHARGES: Some companies charge for inside cuts. It can be as much as $1-$2 for each inside cut. A single picture may require as many as 5 or more inside cuts. That could be an additional charge of $10 or more per sculpture.

An "inside cut" is where background can be seen in an enclosed area of the photo's image. For instance, the space between parted legs. You may want to ask the company if they provide "inside cuts" and if so how much they charge, if anything. Some companies don't do inside cuts. Some do inside cuts but charge additionally for them. Some companies do inside cuts but don't charge.

Fun Fotos uses inside cuts when necessary and possible to improve the appearance of the finished product. It adds to the 3-D appearance. Fun Fotos does NOT charge for inside cuts. Our prices are stated clearly. No surprises! No hidden costs which add to expense and confusion. This issue should be a top priority in your comparison shopping as it affects pricing and appearance.

red tackSOURCE: Some businesses that are on the internet selling photo sculptures are not the creators or manufacturers of the sculptures. They outsource or contract with a manufacturer to provide the sculptures. Therefore, a customer of theirs will be buying from a "middleman".

The cut-outs provided by a "middleman" company could very well be high quality product. However, if you should have questions or problems with your order or finished sculpture the source with which you placed the order probably won't be able to answer your questions or respond to your concerns. In addition, your order will probably take longer to complete since it will be transferred to another party. A tip for indentifying "middleman" photo sculpture companies, those that do not make the sculptures themselves: They offer a variety of other items not associated with photo sculpturing, such as gift stores or general shopping outlets. Fun Fotos is the creator and manufacturer of the photo sculptures we sell. Therefore, if there is any question or concern about your order or sculpture/silhouette you can take it up with us and get results. We are frequently applauded on our customer service. It's a reflection of our dedication to quality and pleasing the customer! By the way...photo sculpturing is all we do. We don't sell clothing, coffee mugs or jewelry.

A SPECIAL NOTE: Did you know that the photo sculpture concept has been around since World War II? It was resurrected, with the process fine tuned and developed with modern technology in the 1990's. Fun Fotos practices the original and patented process which brought the concept it's popularity. Our sculptors were trained by the pioneers in the business, including the person whom actually owns the patent.

We can not reveal what it is that we do that makes our products among the best you'll find, beyond saying, it is our craftsmanship and attention to quality. Fun Fotos' reputation for the "best quality, craftsmanship & value" can be backed up by our customers. We're happy to share with you, throughtout this website, many photos of actual customer's sculptures and portions of original letters and e-mails from many of our customers who have experienced the magic of Fun Fotos' creations.

red star What makes Fun Fotos different from other photo sculptors? Quality in the material we use and the attention to detail in sculpting the statuettes and in each step of the process. By offering you the finest quality in craftsmanship and durable material at a reasonable and competitive price...and providing customer service that is second to none... we're confident Fun Fotos offers the best value...and we guarantee it.

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explanation"We were very pleased with your product.
We ordered it to be part of a set of photo sculptures
that have been done over the years through other companies,
and yours was by far the highest quality piece."

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